One dream? One Goal? One Way!

Over 17 years was a successful professional triathlete. With my participation at the Olympic Games 2008 I could fulfill my biggest dream.

As a coach I show you an effective way how you can reach your individual goal.

Let's go!

  • Finally fitter
  • Improve your performance
  • Specific race preparation
  • Benefit of my experience
  • Training without stress


  • Individual training plan according to your goals
  • Dietary advice
  • Technic analyses
  • Race support
  • Performance check with cooperation partners
  • And many more option...

Complete training package: 250 € (300 CHF) per month

My training package contains personalized training plans adjusted on your level, goal and daily routine. It consists of the following services:

  • One-on-one interview incl. questionnaire
  • Planing of the season
  • Weekly schedule
  • Swim plan
  • Bike plan
  • Run plan
  • Athletic training plan
  • Planing of the races
  • Contact: any time possible 

I work with Trainingpeaks. Please open an (free of cost basic) account. 

Example training plan
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Example swim plan
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 93.2 KB
Example athletic training
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More offers:

Personal training from 80 € (100 CHF)* per training

  • (Technic)-training swim/bike/run with analysis 
  • Fitness training (strength, stabilization, etc).


Package for companies (prize to discuss)

z. B. work shops, speeches, etc. 


(* 80 € (100 CHF) per training hour for athletes with training package, 90 € (110 CHF) per training hour for athletes without training package.

One training hour = swim and run ca. 60-90 min, bike ca. 2 h, fitness training ca. 45-60 min.)