Doping is an offence

To other athletes and fans but most of all to oneself!


That’s why I am against Doping and I will never try to reach my goals by taking it.

As a professional athlete we often arouse suspicion, particularly if we are successful on a high level, of achieving our performances with practices which are harmful and therefore forbidden.

On this Site I want to show you how my contribution to the fight against doping looks like:


1. Regular doping controls, active support of the doping controller and appreciation of those controls

As I always could get controlled, I have to be present at my main trainings centre (Olympic Centre Saarbrücken). If I leave it, even if it is only for a day, I have to report my new address to the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA).

I also get controlled after races. Usually they take the first three athletes, plus some random selections. Those controls take place by the NADA of the country or directly from the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). In this process we give urine samples under presence of the controller and more often now also blood samples.


2. Follow the rules of medicine taking, if I am ill

We regularly get the newest booklet from the NADA, in which we can inform ourselves which medicine is allowed to be taken and which not. Furthermore I ask our team doctor or the NADA directly.


3. Taking sport nutrition form companies who regularly control their products for doping

Especially with sport nutrition you have to be careful. That’s why I only take  products from Ultra Sports (


4. No Experiments with supplements

All the supplements I take (protein, iron) are only to equal the requirements of my body as an athlete. I make sure that the product contains only protein or iron.


5. Education in Media, Press, Events, etc.

The issue of Doping must not be silenced. We need to educate especially young athletes about the danger of doping. Besides, everybody must know that we can achieve a great performance without doping because this will be the true one, our own one!


If you have any questions about doping please don’t hesitate to write to me. Please also write if you think I could do more. So hopefully one day we will win the fight against doping.

The most important thing is the happiness of doing sport and I won’t loose it because of taking drugs!